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Smokers Countdown


  • 1 Smokers Countdown unit
  • Inclusief 2 hoogwaardige knoop batterijtjes
  • Stevige verpakking om schade tijdens het verzenden te voorkomen
  • Een duidelijke handleiding


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 59,50  24,50 (incl. BTW)

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Marianne van der R. Baarn NL

How often I grab for my package pure as a habit? But with the SCD, each time I open the package, I am reminded to the fact how much I want to stop en how silly this habit is. A habit easier to let go if you do this in small steps. It really works.

Riekje B-W. Briele NL

The reduction is going rather well. Every now and then a small relapse, because of the person that he is, his problems and his intellectual limitations, but the Smokers Countdown helps him a lot and in principle he sticks to it nicely. He now is on 13 cigarettes per day (started at 30 cigarettes per day). Both his caregivers, his… » Read more

Marjanda van S. Groningen NL

I borrowed my SCD to my local caregiver…(I also work as a district caregiver). Hans is his name, has tried it out with his friend and are extremely enthusiastic. Nice to know I thought.


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