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Introducing: Smokers Countdown

The logical way to quit smoking!

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Waarom werkt het voor jou?

Why does it work for you?

Smokers Countdown assists in all forms of smoking and all levels of addiction. Whether you want to quit or cut down, Smokers Countdown is there for you.

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Je coach in een pakje

Your coach in a package

The Smokers Countdown determines your ideal withdrawal schedule. Stop with your personal coach.

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De wetenschap achter Smokers Countdown

The science behind
Smokers Countdown

The method by which Smokers Countdown works, has been proven effective. Several studies have shown the efficacy.

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How does it work?

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Marjanda van S. Groningen NL

I borrowed my SCD to my local caregiver…(I also work as a district caregiver). Hans is his name, has tried it out with his friend and are extremely enthusiastic. Nice to know I thought.

Jeanne S. Roosendaal NL

Smokers Countdown a week after delivery activated, works great!

Marianne van der R. Baarn NL

How often I grab for my package pure as a habit? But with the SCD, each time I open the package, I am reminded to the fact how much I want to stop en how silly this habit is. A habit easier to let go if you do this in small steps. It really works.

About us

William Lacunes

William Lacunes

Baarn, NL

I smoked 1.5 pack a day. I did stop regularly. It lasted three days at most.

Until I came up with an idea: very slowly tapering, no rush or force, with the help of a coach who told if I could smoke or not. It seemed the logical way to stop. And it worked. My need to smoke has gone.

That's why I developed the Smokers Countdown. A computer which can be a coach for every smoker. So that everyone, like me, can stop in the easiest way.

Smokers Countdown BV
Smokers Coundown B.V. • Amalialaan 54, 3743 KH Baarn, The Netherlands